“Loved Every Second.”

If there’s one thing I’d recommend doing while in Portland, it would be this tour! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the area AND he was hilarious. The tour itself is free, but I would’ve paid $$$$ for this experience. Loved every second.

“There’s Something for Everyone”

Excellent way to spend 2 hours in Portland, there’s something on this tour for everyone. All the reviewers already rave about Erik, he’s really funny and this is not your run of the mill tour. He had a way of telling the history in a fascinating style, painting interesting pictures and jokes all the way. I wish he was my history teacher!

“Amazing Private Tour of Portland”

Our family visited Portland for the first time and wanted to become quickly acquainted with the city, so I contacted Secrets of Portlandia to see if I could book a private tour as soon as we got there. The price was very reasonable for a two hour, private tour of the city. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and knew how to make the tour both fun and educational at the same time. My face actually hurt from smiling and laughing for two hours. It was the best tour ever.

“Great Stories”

What separates a good guide from a great guide is the ability to tell a story. Having Erik explain how a leprechaun is responsible for Portland having the world’s smallest public park made my day. I also liked learning how Portland got to be known as Stumptown. I enjoyed learning what makes Post Modern Architecture different from Modern. Great advice on food trucks, coffee shops, doughnuts, and the best museum exhibits. Definitely do this early in your trip.

“Tour of Hidden Gems With the Awesome Erik!”

We went on this tour at the start of our short visit to Portland and after a funny and insightful 2.5 hours, were thoroughly glad we had done so. Erik is a Portland native through and through and gives you all the information you could possibly want on not only the main sights, but also the hidden gems that make Portland so ‘weird’.

Highly recommended…and thank you to Erik for really making our visit to Portland!